Kerala – An awesome place

It was July 27th when I started from home to the college (Amrita). That is the first time I was leaving my home to such a far distance. I was so excited on one side because I was going to join Engineering according to my wish (i.e. out side Andhra). Another side I was so scared how can I manage without my parents in the hostel. It was a long journey of around 34 hours to reach the University. It was in Kayamkulam where we have to get down and from there got an auto to come to the ashram.

I was fascinated by seeing the ashram premises. The next day was my first day for my college life. I was so amazed by seeing the college building in the beginning and it was like awesome for me. In the morning we were supposed to attend the meeting and all the things regarding the grading system and all those were explained clearly by the faculty. In the afternoon we were supposed to attend the classes. I was a bit tensed because I don’t know anyone there. When I went to the class I was dumb because by seeing the people around me. All the time I used to talk to the Andhra people only in the class for around one month.

In the beginning of the college it is common for any junior to get ragged by the seniors right? In the same manner I too got ragged by seniors many times. I even got assignments to copy for them and even they took me to their hostels for an entire day and asked to do some crazy stuff. I was luckily saved by one senior who helped me a lot in the beginning to me.