My Birthday

This year all of my friends made my birthday very very special for me. The day before my birthday, I got more than enough b’day bombs from all of my friends in the hostel. On that day I was sitting in my room and watching a movie on my laptop. Suddenly all my friends came and started bashing my back giving me b’day bombs. It was too horrible for me on that day because they trashed me such a way that I can’t even sleep that night.

Next day as usually after all the classes are completed I went back to my room and was about to go back to lab. At that time all of my remaining Telugu friends came to wish and give me good sweets. At that time I got a call from my friend saying that Bithin etta was waiting for me to start the GIT session which was going on that day. When I went back to the lab the session is already started and when I saw Bithin ettan he was looking at me so seriously. After the session was completed he called me to the center of the lab and was asking about the reason why I was late to the class. I don’t know how to put it to words. Finally I said him that my friends stopped me coming to the lab.

As I was late to the session on that day he asked all the remaining friends that what punishment should we give to him for being late to the session. All of them said only one thing dance dance dance. I was dumb stuck at that time about what to do. Bithin ettan told that all of us will be singing a song and you must dance for that song. I thought I was dead on that day. Suddenly all them started to sing the “Birthday Song” wishing me on behalf of my b’day.

I was amazed by the way they planned the party for me. After the song it was party cake cutting and facial for me. Anyway it was an amazing day for me. Thanks for all the FOSS members for making my birthday very very special and giving me such memorable moments.

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