My Childhood and Teenage

Hi, since I have decided to tell about my life till now, it will be a little bit long. So I have decided to break this entire story into two parts. In this part I will be expressing my memories till 10th class and in the next part I will be explaining you the remaining part till now. It might be a bit boring reading my life story, I will try my level best to make it a good post.

My Childhood:
I was born in July 1993. My parents used to say that I was the most naughtiest child ever during my childhood. When ever some one comes to my home, I used to play a lot like anything regardless of age. I think that is one of the reason why most of the people hate me the most.

Basically for anyone their childhood is the best time ever in their life right? In the same manner for me also, my childhood is the best and had a lot of memorable moments which I can never forgot in my life. Sometimes, I remember my grand father(expired) who used to bring me from my school. I used to play with him all the time. My dad used to say that once we used to have a dog in our home and it was the best friend of mine during my childhood.

My complete school education is done in my hometown itself in Gayatri Model High School. During the entire school age from class 1 to 10 I have come across so many situations. For the entire school age I got some really good friends who always takes care of one another in need of help. My parents used to say that I was one of the most bright students in the class till 3rd class. After that I am no more like that because at that age my dad bought a computer. As every one knows, once there is a computer in home what a kid will actually do, start playing games on it. From then onwards my downgrade in studies started. πŸ˜€

During my 9th class my school decide to take us to excursion to Hyderabad. That was the first time ever in my life I went out with out my parents. Anyway on one side, I was excited that I was going to some new place for the first time. Our school decided us to take us to Ramoji Film City which is one among the best of all for the whole Andhra Pradesh. I was almost begging my parents that I wanted to go for that trip. All of my friends have decided that this would be the best time ever in our life where we can enjoy. That’s right with that trip almost all of us became really good friends.

Excursion tour to Hyderabad:
It is really fun traveling with friends right? Before we started the trip we got really strict instructions that we should behave in a good manner. But once when we got into the train the real fun started. The whole night we were singing songs and dancing in the train. After reaching Hyderabad we started to Ramoji Film City in bus. We were wonder struck by seeing the buildings and other. In Ramoji Film City we have enjoyed a lot, and there in Ramoji Film City for the first time ever I have seen a 3D film which was amazing.

My friends and myself

My friends and myself (A small kid in the corner :P)

In that trip we went to Snow-world where all of us really enjoyed. It is where they will be reducing the temperature to -ve and blows in snow(artificial). There almost all of us really enjoyed because there we have even played with our school teachers who were really strict. We took complete revenge on our teachers by throwing snow-balls at them. In the same manner they also replied to us by doing the same. But it was the only place where we had lot’s of fun. What my friends did is that all of them decided to attack on me. Suddenly all of my friends started throwing snow at me. Very soon I was almost filled out with snow and was looking like a snow man. Remaining days we went to some of the important places in Hyderabad.

One funny thing is in Ramoji Film City there was a ride “Tumbler” which revolves us in a circle. The first time I somehow managed to get into that ride because people below 5ft were not allowed. The next time when I tried going for the same ride again the security guard caught me and told me that “This ride is not for children like you.” Anyway I got a chance to try all the adult rides at least one time.

Next is class 10 and all of us started our preparations for the exams. My style of preparation for the exams is completely different. I won’t even study the day before the exam also if parents are not at home. During the preparation holidays for us, what I did is really adverse when compared to my remaining classmates. The very next movement when my mom went to office, I had started the system and started playing games. Some how, I managed to get through the exams.

Escaping from the clutches of death:
During my 7th class I asked my parents to get me a cycle, so that I can learn cycling and can go out freely. According to my wish they gave me a cycle and I have started learning riding on my own. Once I got complete grip on cycle, I have started riding really fast on the street roads. My parents got many complaints on me regarding my fast and reckless driving. Even though my parents warned me so many times, I never listened to those people. Once when I was riding on the streets along with my friends, I suddenly clashed with an ambassador and I was down on the road. From the other side it was a truck coming at an avg speed, and by the time he applied the brakes the tires were almost at my neck. Thank god, I was saved with some major injuries. That day I got really good scoldings from my parents and after that it was only in 10th I got my cycle back and this time I never repeated the mistake again.

I feel like as if I was taking a lecture class. Ok, I will stop here and I will continue the remaining part in the next part. Thanks for reading…. πŸ™‚


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