My Childhood and Teenage Part-2

Hey, I’m back here with the second part. Where did I stop in the part-1? Yeah, came till my 10th class story right? In this part I will tell some of my best adventurous journeys and my Intermediate education.

10th Class summer holidays:

Soon after my 10th public Exams, I traveled  Mumbai alone for the first time. The journey was so exciting because there is no one to stop me in the train from enjoying. That journey is one of the memorable moments in my life. In the starting of the journey I was so scared because at that time I had a fear for trains (accidents and stuff). But the journey was not that boring for me because till PuneI was playing with a small kid from the beginning of the journey. After going to Mumbai the real fun started for me. I used to live in BARC. There I went to water parks and 3D movies and so on. I almost spent one month of my holidays in Mumbai along with my relatives. It is really fun spending time in Mumbai for me because of their kids who always likes to play with me.

Intermediate Education:

As every one knows the intermediate education is one of the crucial stages of education. But for us (people of Andhra Pradesh) it is like spending a year in hell because the system of education is like that there for us. As Amir Khan says in 3 IDIOTS film right, all of them will start revolving round the books to get the first mark always. No one cares for how much time is it we are in the college and what the knowledge they are gaining by studying those subjects. All the time they will be mugging the whole entire study materials which are given. That’s it nothing much they want because all the questions will be given from that material itself only.

There have been a lot of changes in me when compared to my school age when I started my Intermediate Education. I’m no more the old Anup who my friends know me during my school time. Along with all the remaining people I also started to get into the race for the marks. 😛 Some how I managed to get through the examinations and came out as an average student.

I really hate the system in Andhra when it comes to the Intermediate education especially because they will divide the whole student into three categories i.e. Toppers, Average Students and Below-Average students. The administration will take good care of the toppers and the below-avg students and leave the average students all the time. That is one of the reasons why all the average students lag in their studies in Intermediate.

That’s it all about me. Thanks for reading.  🙂


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