FOSSMeet’14 @ NIT-Calicut

Hello amigos’!!! It’s been a long time since my last blog post. The following post I should have posted long back when we went for the FossMeet. This happened in ,

This time FossMeet was simply awesome because nothing went as we planned and all things changed in within no time. 😉 Though we didn’t get enough people from my batch-mates, it is fulfilled by the juniors. 🙂

We started from our college by bus around at 9 PM and thought of sleeping in the bus. But things will never happen the way we think right? Right after the bus left the campus gate all of us started singing songs and dancing in the bus. It was like a remix of songs me because in the front it goes with Malayalam songs with my batch-mates and in the back it was Hindi songs from my juniors. That way we spent almost all the time in the bus by singing songs. 😛

The next day it was really a horrible situation for us, because we didn’t do the registrations in advance, because of that reason we slept for 3 hours near the NIT Calicut campus in the bus . Though we tried to get the accommodation, it didn’t happen since the accommodation all starts at 6 AM in the morning.

Day 1 (14/02/14):

We had to split among ourselves because we planned to cover all the talks and workshops which we can attend. And all of us planned to attend Jackson’s talk on How to contribute to Gnome which was scheduled in the afternoon. I went to attend the Git hub workshop. Though it was a beginner level workshop, I had fun during the workshop. In the middle of the workshop it was Jackson calling me saying get all the juniors along with you to my talk. 

Jackson’s Talk

First of all, congrats to Jackson for his talk. Though it was his first talk, he made it really a good one. His talk was on the topic How to Contribute to Gnome-music. That was a really good talk for almost all the beginners who are interested in contributing to Open Source.  After his talk, during the QA time, we had a small discussion which led to a debate on the topic What do you mean by a good programmer. After his talk was over, we again dispersed in groups to go attend the remaining workshops.

Unfortunate accident

It was around 4 PM when we heard the news that a student of NIT Calicut passed away because of a wall fell on him while he was playing. After that incident, the organizers of FossMeet decided to cancel the event. May his soul rest in peace.

Then it was a really tough time for us to decide what should we do the next day. We had a discussion among ourselves and decided to go to the nearby places like planetarium, beach, etc.

Foss Rocks :)

Day 2 (15/02/14):

We decided to go to the planetarium in Calicut. It was around 10 AM when we left the NIT Campus to the planetarium. It was real fun in the planetarium. It was an amusement park as well as planetarium. There we had a lot of snaps. And after that we went to the planetarium for the show. Guess what the show was in Malayalam 😦 but had fun watching the video listening to music. 😀

Myself, Tony and Sakshi

Next it’s time to refuel our stomach :P. So decided to go to Paragon the best hotel for chicken biryani 😀 . It was really tasty (yum yum :P). After refueling our stomach’s, we thought of having some music without getting bored in the bus. Thanks for Jackson who decided to buy Honey Singh Songs, with which we had a real blast in the rest of the bus journey. 😉 That is when all of us started singing and dancing together for the songs which are being played in the background. 😛

Next we went to the Calicut beach :D, thought of having some swim in the beach, but got strict instructions from Tony not to enter the water. I thought, I would get bored there staring at the water and the waves, but thanks to the juniors we played kabbadi. There we had some snaps and then started from the beach at 6 PM back to the college.

Return Journey:

After a day full of fun, finally it is time for us to get back to college. In the middle we had a pit stop at a dhaba near to Calicut for refueling. 😛 After that again it was songs and dance in the bus. I had a real good time in the bus journey, got a chance to interact with all the juniors and how they feel here and all. Myself and Juniors had some real fun during that discussion. 😀

That’s it buddies, this is how FossMeet’14 happened for us. It was really awesome and had some real fun. Thanks for Tony, Tina and Anu for getting the permissions and all the arrangements. Forgot to say, thanks to each and every one who made the FossMeet trip one of the most best trips for me.

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