An Inspirational talk by Arvind

This one experience I had to share it openly because, each and every point what Arvind bhaiya (brother) told applies to me a lot. Thanks to Arvind bhaiya for spending a lot of his time with us.

For those, who don’t know Arvind, he is my senior who is an active Foss Member in my college. He is currently pursuing his masters here in Amrita University and he got a chance to continue his masters in Amsterdam. He will be leaving from India in a few weeks.

Most of the points what he mentioned applies to me in most of my daily life. Even some of the experiences which he mentioned are very similar to my kind, and thanks to him, that I got a solution after all for all my failures till now.

The thing what I learnt from his session is that no matter how many times you fail, never give up, and do try to rectify the mistakes what you did previously. In my case, I got the realization a bit lately after messing up one full year doing nothing, not only I didn’t make any progress and in addition to that I messed up my academics so badly.

Yeah, what Aravind bhaiya said is correct, when ever you have some problems you have to share it with some one like family members or friends. So that you can get a solution within no time. Instead of that if you don’t share it with anyone, you will end up messing things like me.

I never do prefer anyone to repeat the mistake again like this. Never think there is no one to help you around with your problems, there is always someone to help you, but never think no one is there to help you out during hard times. Always there is someone to help out and never think that you never have any friends. That is one of the worst things which you can ever think, and if you think so you are the most stupid guy in the world. Unless you open up to some one, you can never be happy at what ever you do. Without knowing this thing, I did misunderstand my mentor and always thought I was right. I am really sorry for the way, I behaved with you till now.

And when it comes to computer games, again what he said is exactly correct. I am a freaking hardcore gamer, the example what he gave is nothing when compared to what I did and the solution what he gave to us, also completely applies to me. And friends, yeah it did work for me. I did format my system and now I did reduce the usage of my computer completely. I don’t say that using computer is not wrong, but using it for purposes which will not be of any use for us.

Let me give me an example of what I did, a live example: I did played games even before the night of my final exam also. You know, how much I was addicted to gaming, one night I sat and completed a game sitting for 15 hours continuously not even for getting for food and after that I faced the consequences of it which are worse than anything. Trust me gaming is one poison if you can’t keep it in a control.

Finally what I learnt from the session was, never ever give up, even when you are in tough times. You always have a way to come out of the situation, if not do search for the solution and do go express your situation to some one, so that you can get a solution.

Aravind bhaiya, thanks a lot for the session, it really helped me understanding my mistakes. I think I should have met any of the seniors long back and should have explained my problem. Really thanks for a worthy session.

Oh yeah, forgot to say, let’s all congratulate Aravind bhaiya, because he will be leaving for his Masters to Amsterdam. Hope you will have a really good time over there during your masters.

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