Join fedora – site

Hey, how are you?? It’s been a long time since my last blog post!!!! Ok, here is a small blog post regarding the design of the fedora apps site.

Me and my friend are working on this project together where a newbie can use this site to know what all areas he can contribute to. At the moment, we are in the initial stages of the site, though we haven’t started working on the site (as in coding 😛 ). Here are the mockup’s for the site.

Fedora Landing Page:

Note: You need to imagine all the pictures with colors and animations (as in effects), otherwise it will be too ugly 😛

Alright, you might be wondering what the hell is the landing page right? Fedora’s landing page is something where you can see all the different areas in which you can contribute towards fedora organization.

Coming to the design part, the main center will be the fedora logo. The bubbles around the fedora logo shows all the main areas to which the user can contribute such as QA, Packaging, Upstream, Accounts, Content, Development, Infrastructure and Coordination.

These will be the main places where a user can select one of them. Once he selects one of them, he will get something like this:

(this mockup we still have to design. So please if you guys have any suggestions please do give us. All suggestions are welcome. 🙂 )

Mobile View of the fedora-join site

In the last meeting with my mentor, we have decided to make this site compatible with the mobile versions also. So here’s the mockup for the mobile view of the site:

fedora apps_mobile_version

This mockup is designed by Sarup (a core member of the fedora-design team).

The mobile view of the site is completely different from the desktop version. Here in the main page of the mobile site you can see the various areas in which you can contribute. Once you select a particular area, you will come to see the details and description of that particular area.

And if you are a member of any fedora project you can have a look at the various things like the current status of the project, your account details (fedora project account) etc.

This is the current plan of our desing for the new fedora site. Any suggestions are welcome. 😉

The post is still not complete. Wait for the remaining updates. 😛