Hacktool for Android Games

Hey guys, here’s a small guide for a hack tool for android games where you can do as many purchases as you want for free. It works for most of the games, as far as I’ve tried. Here in this post you will be provided with the download link for the app and the way to use the app. 😉

There are a lot of hack tools around which requires a survey page to complete for downloading the hack tool for most of the games. I know that is a bit irritating for you to fill your details for some unnecessary random site.


So here you go, here is a small hack tool called CreeHack. Using this, you can buy as many resources as you wish during the game when ever you want.

All you need to just need to install that app and then run it in the background. Here I will be giving the whole process for installing the CreeHack app and how to use it.

Installing CreeHack

  • Download this app from here.
  • Install in the android device as you do the normal installation for any app.

Using CreeHack

  • Open the app, and then click on the button in the app, as shown in the figure below.


  • After you switch it on, press the home button, so that it minimizes and runs in the background. 
  • Now open the game which you want to play.
  • Go to the purchases section in the game and then click on the purchase
  • Now, after you press on the purchase button, you will see something like this:


  • Now click on the buy button, in that popup window.
  • This is what you will get in the screen after you press the buy button in that popup.


Bingo!!!, there you go, the resources which you want.

Have fun guys 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hacktool for Android Games

  1. Hi Anup…. it seems that this application is working for you….wht I want to tell u that…this is not working on any application I tried. Does this app differ its performance as per the diffrent regional settings of google or device model?? Like if it supports usa settings…it will run in only usa.
    I would like to know answer of this question.
    I am asking u this because recently I downloaded an apk which hacks passwords of wifi. In reviews…tthey said it was going well. But when I down loaded it and started to sascan wifi local connections…it litteraly said that this connection is not valid!!! For every connection I tried.
    so…ddesperatly waiting for an answer….
    p.s. I installed all games by downloadin their apks…teell me if this affects the performance of creehck.

    Pls responce…. 😀

    • Hi,

      In the latest updates of all the games, they have increased the security. So this creehack will work on the previous versions of the apk but not on the latest versions.

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