Motorola XT1068/ Motorola G 2014 (2nd Gen) Rooting Manual

Hi, these days Motorola XT1068, popularly known as Moto G 2nd Gen is one of the leading phones in India which took over the smartphones market. Here, in this post I will be explaining the process for rooting Motorola XT 1068 and some tweak tools. This whole blog post will be in two parts. The first part consists of how to root Moto G 2nd Gen, the second blog post will contain about the installation of the GravityBox tweak tool, which lets you to tweak your Android.

The second generation Moto G, which we predicted would be called the Moto G2 is easier to find online by searching for its part code: XT1068. The main features of this Moto G2 is a 5 inch display that offers a 1280 x 720 p resolution. The screen is protected using a Corning Gorilla Glass. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core Snapdragon processor along with a 1 GB RAM and an Adreno 305 GPU. The main feature of this is that it contains an external SD card slot which allows the user to expand the memory to further extent.

There are quite a lot of features which you cannot access as a normal user. For those who wants to give a try exploring all the different options, the only way is to root the mobile. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Key specifications

  • 5 inch display (1280 x 720p)
  • 1.2 GHz quad core processor
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM 8228 Chipset
  • Adreno 305 GPU, 450 MHz Single Core
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 8GB / 16 GB internal memory
  • Micro SD card slotย  (up to 32 GB)
  • 8 MP rear camera with flash
  • 2 MP front camera
  • Android 4.4.4 KitKat upgradeable to Android L
  • 2070 mAh battery
  • Dual sim, dual mic and dual speakers.

Rooting Moto G 2nd Gen

Rooting your Android lets you to use the SuperUser permissions which helps you to remove all the unnecessary system applications which come along with the phone by default. Rooting your Android device lets you to side load Custom ROMโ€™s such as CyanogenMod, MiUi etc.

Rooting any Android Device mainly consists of the following steps.

  • Unlocking the Boot-Loader
  • Flashing Custom Recovery
  • Installing Super Su (Super User) as a root

Prerequisites for rooting are as follows

These are the least minimum tools which you require for the rooting your device.

  • Installing the minimal adb and fastboot tools. You can download the installation file from here.
  • Custom Recovery for flashing the Custom ROMโ€™s. There are two types of recoveries available for this phone. You can install anyone of these two.
  • Super SU (Super User), the root apk which needs to be installed from the custom recovery.

Note: The following procedure will void your warranty and you are responsible for any damage to your phone.

Unlocking the Boot-Loader

The first and the foremost thing to be done before you start the process for unlocking the boot loader is to take the backup of all the apps, contacts, messages, calendar and phone logs. This can be done by installing the Super Backup: SMS & Contacts app from the play store. Taking backup is one of the important steps before you start the unlocking process because after you unlock the device it will do a factory wipe out which leaves no trace of any data in your phone. So it is better to take the backup of the all the required data beforehand. J

For unlocking the boot loader you need to register in the Motorola site. Log in with either your Gmail or Motorola ID. After that you can proceed to the next stage of the unlocking your process.

  • Put your device in fastboot mode (power off then press the power button and the volume down buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds.)
  • Open the minimal adb and fastboot tool which you installed previously on your system. If not please download it and install which is given in the above section.
  • When you open the above file you will get a command prompt opened. Now connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • In the command prompt type the following command:
fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  • Now you will get a string which will be used to retrieve your unlock key. The string which you get in the command prompt looks somewhat similar to this if you are using a windows system:
(bootloader) 0A40040192024205#4C4D3556313230
(bootloader) 30373731363031303332323239#BD00
(bootloader) 8A672BA4746C2CE02328A2AC0C39F95
(bootloader) 1A3E5#1F53280002000000000000000
(bootloader) 0000000

On a Mac the string which will be returned in the terminal will be similar to this:

  • Now copy the string from the command prompt to a notepad and then remove the (bootloader) or INFO and the white spaces also. After you remove those the string must look similar to this:
  • Now copy the string which you get by removing the white spaces, and paste it in the Motorola site where you logged in. Now paste it in the given box over there and then click on the button below that box.

Note: If your device can be unlocked then click on the REQUEST UNLOCK KEY in the bottom of the page.

  • After you click on the REQUEST UNLOCK KEY button, check your mail. You will get a mail from the Motorola with the key in it.
  • Now open the minimal adb and fastboot terminal which started before and execute the following command:
fastboot oem unlock UNLOCK_KEY
  • Now your device will go for a reboot. Thatโ€™s it your mobileโ€™s boot loader is unlocked.

Flashing Custom Recovery

The default recovery present in the phone is of no use. So we will have to replace the default recovery with some recovery such as Clockwork Mod or TWRP. For flashing the recovery you need to go the bootloader and from there you need to install the custom recovery.

To go to the bootloader menu directly run the following command in the minimal adb and fastboot command prompt:

adb reboot bootloader

Now the phone will restart and it will be in the fastboot mode. Now in the command prompt run the following command to install the custom recovery.

fastboot flash recovery TWRP2801-titan-motog-2014.img (for Team Win Recovery mod)


fastboot flash recovery CWM_Touch_Titan_v2.img (for Clockwork Recovery mod)

Thatโ€™s it, now the phone is flashed with the custom recovery which you want.

Installing SuperSU as admin / root

For this copy the SuperSU file to the internal memory and then reboot the phone to the fastboot mode. In the fastboot mode, navigate to the recovery and then you will be taken to the Custom recovery which you installed previously.

In the custom recovery go the INSTALL ZIP option and then select the which you placed in the internal SD card. Now click on the install button after selecting the zip file. Let it complete the installation process of the file. Once after it completes reboot the phone.

Thatโ€™s it, yay, you have rooted your phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope that this post helped you. If you have any problem, please do comment below. ๐Ÿ™‚

90 thoughts on “Motorola XT1068/ Motorola G 2014 (2nd Gen) Rooting Manual

  1. for installation of TWRP where we need to sopy the downloaded img file? because when I download on my system it is in the downloads folder. Do I need to copy the file on the phone?

  2. Nice!
    Will this work on XT1068, version: 21.11.23.titan_retgb.retgball.en.GB retgb ?
    And can i still get lollipop OTA after this?

      • Ty for the lightning fast reply ๐Ÿ™‚
        So after this procedure, to update to L, I will need to get a custom Lollipop rom and flash it? Can’t i get the stock OTA and then flash again the SU into that?
        I guess my question would be: unlocking the bootloader and flashing the superuser will disable OTA altogether?
        Sorry if none of those questions makes sense at all ๐Ÿ˜› Just got into the Android world…. and loving it so far ๐Ÿ˜€

      • No, you don’t need to root your mobile.
        If you want to install the OTA update better don’t root it.
        Once you install the OTA update, then you can root the phone.

    • Yes, you will get that message in the bootloader screen when you flash the custom recovery. That is not a problem, just give a restart and then it will be fine. Only thing is since you’ve unlocked the bootloader screen, every time you will see a warning when ever you restart your phone.

  3. completed the flashing..but when i power on the mobile everytime it dispays the image warning boot loader unlocked followed by some text.. is it common after flashing or else i did sone mistake in procedure

    • Yeah, that warning message appears each and every time you reboot your phone. There’s nothing wrong in what you did, it’s just the Motorola people who did it like that ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Hi Anup, I do have XT1068 Lollipop running on. I unlocked bootloader successfully. while flashing recovery I got success msg but my phone never boots up. I just see a warning Image, and then phone goes down. It also not booted in recovery mode. I tried with TWRP recoveries serveral time still no success.. any suggestion ?

  5. Hey Bro I am Trying This Method In My Moto G XT 1068 But When I Put The Command In Minimal ADB & Fastboot To Install The TWRP Recovery It Shows The Process Is Okay And Installed The TWRP But When I Go Into Bootloader And Go to Recovery Its Jst Show up The The Bootloader Warning Screen And Then No Command Please Do Reply

    • that is because you haven’t installed custom recovery. Please follow the guide in installing the custom recovery and if you want to access the stock recovery, press volume up + volume down + power buttons at a time simultaneously for around 3 seconds, that will take you to the stock recovery. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. hi anup i finished with rooting but now phone s not rebooting, it just shows WARNING BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED screen, what to do next

  7. thanx bro i sucessfully rooted my device with cwm recovery now can you suggest some rooted apps to get most of moto g2 potential

  8. Hi anup bro, first of all i wish u for ur kind tutorials, it was helping us lot. I am using moto g2 ( xt1068 ) , i successfully rooted by follwing ur instructions, after than it is not rebooting . i tried wiping cache partiotion also. still it is not rebooting. bootloader warning message only showing. pls help me . thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Anup,

    I tried flashing custom recoveries both the ways and got successful in those attempts. However, when I am trying recovery from phone after copying SU Zip file to memory card, it’s just rebooting every time with warning message flashing for a second and then going off. Can you please suggest what has gone wrong? Also, when I tried using reboot command, it says “device not found”.


    • reboot command – doesn’t work because you don’t have the stock recovery anymore.

      For the loop problem, try cleaning the cache from the custom recovery. it worked for me.

  10. I accidentally switched on Talk Back Function meant for blinds.
    How I can undo this Function as I am unable to use it ?

    • Well, you can open any app by double tapping on it. Like that follow the same process till you get the talkback settings. and then disable it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • download the xposed framework package from the link given in the blogpost and then go to the custom recovery, from there install the xposed framework. it will work ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi anup I unlocked boot loader and installed custom recovery used cwm .now I reboot the phone it shows no os . now my phone was flashing light and it shows unlocked boot loader but it not reboot shows no is how to solve this problem

  11. After flashing the custom recovery(i tried flashing both of them, multiple times), it shows the same error of “No Command” when trying to enter into recovery through the fastboot menu. What do I do?

  12. hi anup ,,,, i recently did all the process …. first unlocked the bootloader and then rooted the phone also but after the reboot the phone signal lost….. and then i started the whole process again, 1 unlocked , 2 root, 3 twrp, install the cm12.1 but the phone stuck on moto logo and it is not opening up, now wht to do bro???????????????

    • That is because you haven’t wiped the cache from the custom recovery. First wipe the cache and then do the installation process again !! it will work ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. hey anup…. please suggest the method also ,,,, after the unlocked the bootloader … and do i need to download the minimal adb or android sdk?????? plz suggest me..

    • I guess you might have gone wrong somewhere during the bootloader unlocking process. Just check it once more, or do it again.
      Note: When you are asked to select the device in the bootloader unlocking website, you have to choose *other devices* because moto g2 is not listed in that list of devices

  14. Hey Anup,

    First thanks for this tutorial. I am seriously thinking of rooting my phone however I have some doubts. You already mention that when you do this one will loose the warranty of the device. Ok That is clear and nothing to mention about it. However in your tutorial you mention that one has to register on the motorola site? So doing this I guess motorola will know from the beginning that you are rooting your device? I have seen several benefits of rooting your device and you mention already in a comment somewhere that deleting default apps coming with the installation will give a boost to the memory of the device. What other benefits would I have? Would I be able e.g. to install the “pure” google android version on the phone without the manufacturers boot images etc? As you understand I want to go sure with all of this. My device is still in warranty. I do not worry about loosing that but I need to be sure my device keeps on working as I do not have the possibility to simply purchase another.

    • Yes, once when you start the process of unlocking the bootloader, Motorola knows that you are rooting your device. You are correct, you can delete all the unwanted apps from your phone. Yes, you can install *pure* google android version if the device supports it. You don’t need to worry about *your device getting bricked* because when sometimes you can’t install the an operating system and when you mess up your recovery, then you can flash the default OS of Motorola back to your phone. I had that experience also before.

  15. Hi Anup!
    Thank you for the tutorial. I purchased a german xt1058 dual sim (Lollipop 5.0.2) today and would like to root it. It i not my first rooted phone so faar, so I’m a bit into this unlocking bootloader stuff and so on.
    But it worries me that several people report bootloops, that may be resolved after cleaning cache from recovery.
    However, how exactly can I restore the original ROM if things are completely messed up?
    Thanks in advance!!

  16. Bro, when I go into recovery it shows sleeping Android image with “No command” written.
    I tried: “fastboot erase recovery” and then flashed again but same thing is coming.

    • then you have to press all the three buttons (volume up + volume down + power button) for around 3 seconds to enter the recovery of the stock rom. Hope you did that !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. My Motorola 2nd gen Phone suddenly stopped working…When I tried to turn on the phone only moto sign appear and then turned off..I tried to recovery the phone bt cant..Can u please tell me the solution of the problem…..???

  18. , I’m posting here for your help. A few hours ago I flashed my cellphone to install GPE rom at the first time it seemed that it had worked but then I noticed that it got stuck in the google screen after this I tried to install it again and then I noticed that in the instalation process these error showed up “hab check failed for boot” and “hab check failed for recovery” and the phone got stucked in the boot image. I tried almost everything to make it work but sadly nothing worked for me. therefore, I’m asking you if you could help me, does anybody know how to fix this?? please I don’t want a brick on my night table . I hope you can help me and thank you very much !!.

    • Hi there, looks like there is some problem with the GPE rom, if you are interested you can flash the default kitkat version. you can download the default rom from this link. You can flash this rom from the bootmenu. I hope you find it helpful.

  19. Pingback: Installing CyanogenMod 12.1 on Moto G 2014 | Yet another blog !!!!
  20. Anup bro, i rooted my moto g2 XT1068 mobile using kingroot and accidently deleted my google playstore,google play services,Android system web view and much more apps. i did using twrp and fixed my mobile using custom titan ROM . But im still getting some error messages like “google play services has stopped” and has stopped all the time. How do i fix this pls help me . Thank you in advance.

    • you have to go to the “Fastboot” menu and from there you have to run the following command “fastboot oem lock”, that will lock the bootloader of your phone but the warning message won’t be removed when you start the mobile.

  21. hi sir,i installed cyanogenmod in my moto g 2,i tried to change my mac address but when i tried to open my wifi, it showing wifi is turning on BUT IT IS NOT TURNING ON please suggest me how to solve this problem

    • you have an isolated issue, I too have cyanogenmod installed on my moto g2 and I never got issues with WiFi, try updating to the latest version of Cyanogenmod, that might help you fix the problem.

  22. Hi
    I’m using Moto X1068 and I recently receive a message to update my phone and I did but now my phone after updating is no longer working. I tried to recover and wipe cache but is not helping only stuck at moto logo

    I followed your comments here and tried to work on my phone but still am stuck on the moto logo
    May you please advise what to do

    • Hi Skye,
      There are a few steps which you can confirm once more, before you do a complete recovery to your phone using the stock recovery. Is the ADB enabled in your phone? If ADB is enabled in your phone then you can flash a custom recovery and then flash a custom/stock rom as per your wish.

  23. Well, as you would know cm13.0 had been released
    well i flashed the .zip file through TWRP and then i flashed Super SU and after doing that seems that i had a problem with having a bootloop…. No worries as CM has Privacy Guard i thought of using it instead of Super SU. That’s that well then i flashed gapps nano .zip file after that am having “Unfortunately system has stopped working” problem….
    Please help me out in here…. :3 :/

  24. Hay I’ve now noticed Im not seeing Sims. My Sims are not showing up no signal or recognize them in my phone no longer

  25. Hi,

    i have unlocked bootloader succesfull and intall the Super SU using Team Win Recovery. My mobile is Moto G 2 X1068 , Running Andriod version 6.0 .. after intall super SU i have rebooted but system is not starting up showing only waring BootLoader Unlocked

  26. Dear Sir,My Moto 2nd gen is not working due to rooting my device with King Root software I was rooting it but unfortunately suddenly my device shutdown and now it’s showing booting menu screen, Boot mode selection menu..
    1. Normal Power
    2. Recovery
    3. Factory
    4. Barcode
    5. BP Tools
    I have also tried scrolling with volume buttons but nothing happened please tell me how can I fix it. Any suggestion would be appreciated…
    Please please help me..

    • Hey, I’m not sure what happens if you using some rooting software. Just try factory (3rd option). If that doesn’t work, you have to flash a custom rom (will loose your data).

  27. hello, i am trying to do the first step i.e open the command prompt and den then connect the phone which is in fastboot page but its showing waiting for device in command prompt. It just gets stuck there .

  28. Hi Anup when i installed Super SU on my phone it got shutdown and now got stuck on Boot mode selection menu….where it shows.
    1. Normal Power
    2. Recovery
    3. Factory
    4. Barcode
    5. BP Tools
    I have also tried scrolling with volume buttons but nothing happened please tell me how can I fix it.โ€ฆ
    it is not getting switched on i tried to go to recovery option but a message comes invalid boot image header (Boot up failed) and other options are also not working…….pls provide the solution i guess it is not bricked. Any suggestion would be appreciated

    • Hi Ankit,
      Apoligies for the late reply. If you have flashed the CyanogenMod 12.1 and later versions, you probably don’t need to install SuperSU app since, super user is included by default along with the ROM.

      I would suggest you to clean the cache and the internal storage and then try to reboot the phone, if it still doesn’t work, you have to install a custom recovery and then flash a custom rom on the device.

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