About Me

It's me Anup. ;)

It’s me Anup 😉

I am Anup, an Indian pursuing graduation degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Amrita University, a famous university in India. I am an active member of the active FOSS club over here in our college. I spend my time in learning exciting computer related stuff and contributing to Open Source. I am an active contributor in Mozilla organization.

I like to experiment on a lot of things related to computer science and blog about it. This site is like my little place where I can concentrate my thoughts on what I learn, read and investigate through internet.

I was born on 24th July 1993. I live in Srikakulam a small district in Andhra pradesh, India. Just out of curiosity, my home town is very famous for Arasavalli (a sun god temple according to Indian history).

Besides computer science, I also have passion for sports: badminton, cycling, running etc. I am also an addict to computer games (you can say a hard core gamer. :P).

I created this site to share my experiences and knowledge to the world. The truth is I get so excited and happy with the things what I learn that I feel I must share it with someone else. Most people have enough fun consuming the information available on the Internet, but hey, someone’s gotta put it out there!!! 😉

If you like my website, have any questions, comments or suggestions, I will be glad to hear from you. 🙂

Remember: The spirit is that if you know something, you should post it on the web, so that others can learn from you. World will be a better place if you do so!!!

Contact Information:

You can reach me via:

  • Email: allamsetty.anup@gmail.com
  • IRC: My IRC nickname is Anupkumar. I am on freenode (irc.freenode.org), Mozilla’s IRC (irc.mozilla.org)

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