2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog and here it is. 🙂 That’s some great work from the stats helper monkeys in reviewing my blog. 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,900 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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An Inspirational talk by Arvind

This one experience I had to share it openly because, each and every point what Arvind bhaiya (brother) told applies to me a lot. Thanks to Arvind bhaiya for spending a lot of his time with us.

For those, who don’t know Arvind, he is my senior who is an active Foss Member in my college. He is currently pursuing his masters here in Amrita University and he got a chance to continue his masters in Amsterdam. He will be leaving from India in a few weeks.

Most of the points what he mentioned applies to me in most of my daily life. Even some of the experiences which he mentioned are very similar to my kind, and thanks to him, that I got a solution after all for all my failures till now.

The thing what I learnt from his session is that no matter how many times you fail, never give up, and do try to rectify the mistakes what you did previously. In my case, I got the realization a bit lately after messing up one full year doing nothing, not only I didn’t make any progress and in addition to that I messed up my academics so badly.

Yeah, what Aravind bhaiya said is correct, when ever you have some problems you have to share it with some one like family members or friends. So that you can get a solution within no time. Instead of that if you don’t share it with anyone, you will end up messing things like me.

I never do prefer anyone to repeat the mistake again like this. Never think there is no one to help you around with your problems, there is always someone to help you, but never think no one is there to help you out during hard times. Always there is someone to help out and never think that you never have any friends. That is one of the worst things which you can ever think, and if you think so you are the most stupid guy in the world. Unless you open up to some one, you can never be happy at what ever you do. Without knowing this thing, I did misunderstand my mentor and always thought I was right. I am really sorry for the way, I behaved with you till now.

And when it comes to computer games, again what he said is exactly correct. I am a freaking hardcore gamer, the example what he gave is nothing when compared to what I did and the solution what he gave to us, also completely applies to me. And friends, yeah it did work for me. I did format my system and now I did reduce the usage of my computer completely. I don’t say that using computer is not wrong, but using it for purposes which will not be of any use for us.

Let me give me an example of what I did, a live example: I did played games even before the night of my final exam also. You know, how much I was addicted to gaming, one night I sat and completed a game sitting for 15 hours continuously not even for getting for food and after that I faced the consequences of it which are worse than anything. Trust me gaming is one poison if you can’t keep it in a control.

Finally what I learnt from the session was, never ever give up, even when you are in tough times. You always have a way to come out of the situation, if not do search for the solution and do go express your situation to some one, so that you can get a solution.

Aravind bhaiya, thanks a lot for the session, it really helped me understanding my mistakes. I think I should have met any of the seniors long back and should have explained my problem. Really thanks for a worthy session.

Oh yeah, forgot to say, let’s all congratulate Aravind bhaiya, because he will be leaving for his Masters to Amsterdam. Hope you will have a really good time over there during your masters.

FOSSMeet’14 @ NIT-Calicut

Hello amigos’!!! It’s been a long time since my last blog post. The following post I should have posted long back when we went for the FossMeet. This happened in ,

This time FossMeet was simply awesome because nothing went as we planned and all things changed in within no time. 😉 Though we didn’t get enough people from my batch-mates, it is fulfilled by the juniors. 🙂

We started from our college by bus around at 9 PM and thought of sleeping in the bus. But things will never happen the way we think right? Right after the bus left the campus gate all of us started singing songs and dancing in the bus. It was like a remix of songs me because in the front it goes with Malayalam songs with my batch-mates and in the back it was Hindi songs from my juniors. That way we spent almost all the time in the bus by singing songs. 😛

The next day it was really a horrible situation for us, because we didn’t do the registrations in advance, because of that reason we slept for 3 hours near the NIT Calicut campus in the bus . Though we tried to get the accommodation, it didn’t happen since the accommodation all starts at 6 AM in the morning.

Day 1 (14/02/14):

We had to split among ourselves because we planned to cover all the talks and workshops which we can attend. And all of us planned to attend Jackson’s talk on How to contribute to Gnome which was scheduled in the afternoon. I went to attend the Git hub workshop. Though it was a beginner level workshop, I had fun during the workshop. In the middle of the workshop it was Jackson calling me saying get all the juniors along with you to my talk. 

Jackson’s Talk

First of all, congrats to Jackson for his talk. Though it was his first talk, he made it really a good one. His talk was on the topic How to Contribute to Gnome-music. That was a really good talk for almost all the beginners who are interested in contributing to Open Source.  After his talk, during the QA time, we had a small discussion which led to a debate on the topic What do you mean by a good programmer. After his talk was over, we again dispersed in groups to go attend the remaining workshops.

Unfortunate accident

It was around 4 PM when we heard the news that a student of NIT Calicut passed away because of a wall fell on him while he was playing. After that incident, the organizers of FossMeet decided to cancel the event. May his soul rest in peace.

Then it was a really tough time for us to decide what should we do the next day. We had a discussion among ourselves and decided to go to the nearby places like planetarium, beach, etc.

Foss Rocks :)

Day 2 (15/02/14):

We decided to go to the planetarium in Calicut. It was around 10 AM when we left the NIT Campus to the planetarium. It was real fun in the planetarium. It was an amusement park as well as planetarium. There we had a lot of snaps. And after that we went to the planetarium for the show. Guess what the show was in Malayalam 😦 but had fun watching the video listening to music. 😀

Myself, Tony and Sakshi

Next it’s time to refuel our stomach :P. So decided to go to Paragon the best hotel for chicken biryani 😀 . It was really tasty (yum yum :P). After refueling our stomach’s, we thought of having some music without getting bored in the bus. Thanks for Jackson who decided to buy Honey Singh Songs, with which we had a real blast in the rest of the bus journey. 😉 That is when all of us started singing and dancing together for the songs which are being played in the background. 😛

Next we went to the Calicut beach :D, thought of having some swim in the beach, but got strict instructions from Tony not to enter the water. I thought, I would get bored there staring at the water and the waves, but thanks to the juniors we played kabbadi. There we had some snaps and then started from the beach at 6 PM back to the college.

Return Journey:

After a day full of fun, finally it is time for us to get back to college. In the middle we had a pit stop at a dhaba near to Calicut for refueling. 😛 After that again it was songs and dance in the bus. I had a real good time in the bus journey, got a chance to interact with all the juniors and how they feel here and all. Myself and Juniors had some real fun during that discussion. 😀

That’s it buddies, this is how FossMeet’14 happened for us. It was really awesome and had some real fun. Thanks for Tony, Tina and Anu for getting the permissions and all the arrangements. Forgot to say, thanks to each and every one who made the FossMeet trip one of the most best trips for me.

Trip to Diu and Daman

Now I am going to explain a part of it in which I went to Diu and Daman (Union Territory) with my cousins. It was an amazing place, but the time we went is not suitable for that spot. Actually it is a place which is to be visited during Rainy Season. It took around four hours to reach from Mumbai to Silvassa.

Silvassa is the capital of Diu and Daman. We reached Silvassa around 10:00 in the morning. First we thought of going to Lion Safari. I was so excited that we are going for a Lion Safari. But after going there only I came to know that it is not a lion safari. After going there I was surprised because it was only one lion in the park. I thought it would be boring even for the remaining part also. But my calculations went wrong.

After the lion safari we planned to visit the Damanganga dam . The way which led to the reservoir was amazing. It was a ghat road with lots of greenery. In the midway we stopped to have some pics with my cousins. One of my fav pics taken there was with my sister and brother (small kids). I got enough comments for that particular pic. 😛 After reaching there we thought of going for boating which was through the reservoir. We went all the way from one end of the reservoir to the other end of the reservoir. The place was truly amazing. It took around one hour to come back. In the mean while we had some snaps also. But one thing we missed is the Tarpa Festival.

After that we thought of going to the deer park. After a long waiting for around two hours we got our turn finally to go and visit some deer’s. The deer park was truly awesome. It was a safari of about 20 min. All the way through the way we travelled it was full of deer’s only. I was lucky enough to touch a deer which was passing by from our vehicle. But problem is the driver didn’t give enough time to take good pics of the deer’s.  But the time we spent in the deer park was like heaven for me because it was so pleasant and quite there.

That’s how it is done for that day. The next day we decided to spend the whole day in the beach. So we planned to go the Jampar Beach which is located in Daman. The thing is that whole of Silvassa is full of industries and Daman part is like Mumbai with full of tall buildings and apartments. By the time we reached the beach it was around 11:00 in the morning. When we went in the first thing which attracted my mind is paragliding. I’ve decided to do that since I was a person who is interested in adventures. 😀

It was an amazing experience when I was in air for the first time with a parachute on my back. It will be about 200 feet I was from the ground level in the air. I was shouting like hell coz I was so excited. One thing which I was surprised of the beach was the water went back around 500 ft during the morning time. Two more days we had fun covering the places there nearby including Surat. It was one of my best trips till now.

That’s it for my short trip to the Union Territory. 🙂

My Childhood and Teenage Part-2

Hey, I’m back here with the second part. Where did I stop in the part-1? Yeah, came till my 10th class story right? In this part I will tell some of my best adventurous journeys and my Intermediate education.

10th Class summer holidays:

Soon after my 10th public Exams, I traveled  Mumbai alone for the first time. The journey was so exciting because there is no one to stop me in the train from enjoying. That journey is one of the memorable moments in my life. In the starting of the journey I was so scared because at that time I had a fear for trains (accidents and stuff). But the journey was not that boring for me because till PuneI was playing with a small kid from the beginning of the journey. After going to Mumbai the real fun started for me. I used to live in BARC. There I went to water parks and 3D movies and so on. I almost spent one month of my holidays in Mumbai along with my relatives. It is really fun spending time in Mumbai for me because of their kids who always likes to play with me.

Intermediate Education:

As every one knows the intermediate education is one of the crucial stages of education. But for us (people of Andhra Pradesh) it is like spending a year in hell because the system of education is like that there for us. As Amir Khan says in 3 IDIOTS film right, all of them will start revolving round the books to get the first mark always. No one cares for how much time is it we are in the college and what the knowledge they are gaining by studying those subjects. All the time they will be mugging the whole entire study materials which are given. That’s it nothing much they want because all the questions will be given from that material itself only.

There have been a lot of changes in me when compared to my school age when I started my Intermediate Education. I’m no more the old Anup who my friends know me during my school time. Along with all the remaining people I also started to get into the race for the marks. 😛 Some how I managed to get through the examinations and came out as an average student.

I really hate the system in Andhra when it comes to the Intermediate education especially because they will divide the whole student into three categories i.e. Toppers, Average Students and Below-Average students. The administration will take good care of the toppers and the below-avg students and leave the average students all the time. That is one of the reasons why all the average students lag in their studies in Intermediate.

That’s it all about me. Thanks for reading.  🙂