FOSS @ Thenmala

It was around 6 AM in the morning all the students are supposed to report at the college side. Any way even it was early in the morning no one was bored but all of us were so excited about the trip. It was around 7:30 when all of us including the CIR head Biju Swami started off in the college bus. After the bus has started it was a prayer in the starting and hearing we are going to pray I thought that it wouldn’t be that exciting as I thought. But the very next moment when the prayer is completed it was the time for the JBL speakers.

After the JBL speakers are on it was of complete fun. All of us started to sing and dance like a hell in the bus itself. It was around 9:30 we reached Thenmala  (forest area). There we thought of having our breakfast and we didn’t see in the starting that it was completely full of monkeys. At last we finally managed to have our breakfast in the bus. After that the real fun starts. First we went to the waterfall and there we had a lot of fun going and getting wet in the water and playing in the water and all those. We had some snapshots there with all of our friends. We had a hell lot of fun especially near the waterfall.Palaruvi waterfalls

Next we went to the recreation park where we had much more fun. There we had some adventurous rides and when it comes to me I was completely exhausted there because I was the only one who did the Trampoline for more than 15 times. Oh my god that is the place where all of us enjoyed a hell like any thing. There we had a lots of adventurous rides like Rope Climbing, Boating, Shooting, Lake Crossing etc. Man as far as I think I think I was the only one who have enjoyed out of my limits like anything. After that we went to have our lunch at some restaurant near to the adventure spot. From there we went to the “Thenmala Dam”. From there we went to a park and there Biju Swami asked us to make some skits by dividing all of us into teams.

Especially of all the skits most attractive one is Tony’s team skit and Pooja’s team. In Pooja’s skit especially we need to mention pooja who has imitated Vipin sir. It was damn funny and that was the first time when I saw Vipin sir and Bithin bhaiya laughing like a hell. It was continued for around two hours. After all that it is time for us to be back to the college. During our return journey at the last we had stopped at a place for our snacks and there finally we had some awesome pics. Even though we are exhausted for the entire day also, in our return journey we are singing, dancing and shouting like hell.For downloading the photos please click here.

Finally I would like to thank Biju Swami for spending his valuable time along with us even in his busy schedule. Last but not the least I would like to thank Vipin Sir, Aditya Sir, Seniors and all of my friends for making this trip a grand success. For me it was a most amazing trip which I would never forget it in my life.

Kerala – An awesome place

It was July 27th when I started from home to the college (Amrita). That is the first time I was leaving my home to such a far distance. I was so excited on one side because I was going to join Engineering according to my wish (i.e. out side Andhra). Another side I was so scared how can I manage without my parents in the hostel. It was a long journey of around 34 hours to reach the University. It was in Kayamkulam where we have to get down and from there got an auto to come to the ashram.

I was fascinated by seeing the ashram premises. The next day was my first day for my college life. I was so amazed by seeing the college building in the beginning and it was like awesome for me. In the morning we were supposed to attend the meeting and all the things regarding the grading system and all those were explained clearly by the faculty. In the afternoon we were supposed to attend the classes. I was a bit tensed because I don’t know anyone there. When I went to the class I was dumb because by seeing the people around me. All the time I used to talk to the Andhra people only in the class for around one month.

In the beginning of the college it is common for any junior to get ragged by the seniors right? In the same manner I too got ragged by seniors many times. I even got assignments to copy for them and even they took me to their hostels for an entire day and asked to do some crazy stuff. I was luckily saved by one senior who helped me a lot in the beginning to me.